Forbidden City

A walk through the Forbidden City, in the center of Beijing, July 4, 2011. The Forbidden City was home to the Emperors of China for more than 1000 years, and was the site of many beautiful ceremonies, many terrible events, home to thousands of servants…and ultimately witness to the end of Imperial China in 1911.

For most of that time, ordinary people were forbidden to enter, and the Emperior rarely left. Seven layers of gates, with imposing doors and immense courtyards, separated the Emperor from the people. The entrance area to the Forbidden City is still used today for formal State occasions, and across the road is world-famous Tien Anmen Square.

This video is an impressionistic view of the gates, courtyards, walls, fine art and gardens of the Forbidden City. Visits to various palaces, including those used by the Empress, are included. The host and guide is Zhou Xiao Fang.

Time: 12 minutes. Click the “play” triangle on the bottom left to play the video. Copyright 2011, America-China Bridge.