Art Gallery


Pagoda at the Forbidden City, Beijing, China


The head table at the press conference, announcing the Mary Buffett seminars at the Grand Hyatt Beijing.


Question from a CCTV reporter at the Press Conference.


Michael North and Zhou Xiao Fang, With Zhou Bing De, niece of Zhou En-lai.


Zhou Li of co-sponsor China100, and Zhou Xiao Fang of The Bridge, exchange greetings at the Grand Hyatt Beijing.


Michael North, president of the Bridge in the USA, speaks at the press conference.


Speaking to staff of The Bridge at offices in Beijing.


Zhou Xiao Fang, vice-president of The Bridge, meets with new partner Zhou Yi Chun, from the private equity investment group at Bei Da University, PKU-PE.


Li Jie Ying and Zhou Xiao Fang meet at the main gates of Diaoyoutai Hotel. Diaoyoutai is co-sponsoring the art exhibition by Nicole Buffett.


Director-General Xie Yuan, of the Foreign Ministry of China (Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries) greets the President of The Bridge, Michael North, on a visit. A representative of the People's Association will speak at the opening ceremonies of the Mary Buffett seminars.


Liu Hai Wan, senior official at the Ministry of Commerce, China Central Government in Beijing, greets representatives of The Bridge at CCOM headquarters. The Ministry of Commerce will send a representative to speak at the opening ceremonies of the Mary Buffett seminars.


Supporters from the official government economics website, China Commerce Net, meet with Zhou Xiao Fang at their Beijing headquarters. They include Mr. Qian Xiaocang, Mr. Xie Ning, and Miss Yong Yi Yan.


Zhao Li, reporter for the nationwide multimedia website Hexun, prepares to interview Michael North about The Bridge and its Mary Buffett program.


Wu Bo, manager of the office of the State of Hawaii's Department of Business and Economic Development, meets with The Bridge. As the original home of The Bridge, the State of Hawaii will send a representative to the opening ceremonies of the Mary Buffett seminars.


The historic main ballroom at the Beijing Hotel, site of the Mary Buffett business seminar, October 11, 12 and 13, 2010.


The national symbol of China's nationhood at the entrance to the Forbidden City, Beijing.